How to continue to enjoy with MUCHO ?

You may still be using an old phone with 2G technology.

From 1st of January on, the 2G antenna network will be gradually deactivated and 2G mobile phones will no longer function. 

Your MUCHO SIM card will still work in 2021!

Here are our tips to get through this telephone changeover!

What is a 2G mobile phone?

The small phones Nokia 105, Nokia 106, Samsung 1050 are 2G phones.  

Do you have a 2G phone?

What can you do?

If you own an old Nokia or Samsung 2G with a MUCHO SIM card, you will need to change your phone and choose a 3G or 4G phone in which to install your MUCHO SIM card. 


 This is how to proceed : 

1. Remove the MUCHO SIM card from your old 2G phone 

2. Install the MUCHO SIM card in a current 3G or 4G phone 

3 Continue to enjoy with MUCHO

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 Frequently asked questions?

Why should I choose a 4G phone when buying a phone?

If you need to buy a phone to replace your old 2G phone, choose a 4G phone. 

3G antennas are guaranteed to work only until 2024. 


How much does a 4G phone cost? 

You can buy a 4G phone in Switzerland from CHF 55. 


Where can I buy a 4G phone? 

In an e-shop in Switzerland or online 


Will my MUCHO SIM card work in a new 4G device? 

Yes, the SIM MUCHO is compatible with new 3G and 4G devices. Your SIM card is available in 3 formats: mini, micro and nano. 


Do I need to change my SIM card? 

No. Your MUCHO SIM card is compatible with all new types of phones sold in Switzerland. (3G, 4G, 5G)


What happens if I do nothing? 

Depending on the old device used, connection problems may occur.

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